It is an amusing read and also plenty of practical advice
— House and Garden
It’s an enchanting read, packed full of good advice and quirky observations on the the joys - and occasional heartaches - of gardening.
— The Daily Mail
Chattily written with wonderful illustrations by Osbert Lancaster this book is a gardening memoir, recipe book and practical guide rolled into one.
— Hatchards

I'm not dead yet. In fact I woke up this morning feeling quite chipper. I glanced out of the window at a large topiary snail, making slow but determined progress up to the cottage door, and thought about you

A garden is life, filled with ups and downs. There are moments when you want to divorce it, and other times you can sit alongside it forever. 

The garden you are going to inherit is a terribly higgledy-piggledy cottage garden, but one where with love and care on certain days when the light pings through a tree or plant behaves itself, you will find yourself filled with an unbelievable shot of happiness.