The Beginning

I have two gardens. I do not say this to show off. Sometimes I would rather have none. It is always something of a surprise to me that I have any, but I can’t let things be. In London I live on a road designed to kill you either by careless crossing or diesel pollution. When I first moved in there was no outdoor space bar a balcony overlooking the main road. We used to get our fix by climbing through the bath, onto a small flat roof. Stroll too far and you would hurtle into the garden below as there was no railings or fixed ropes. Move on a decade and the bath was moved ,french windows installed along with a railing or two and behold, a pot garden was born.

All very well, but I wanted MORE. I longed beyond all things for a roof garden. I also knew that without an easy access I would never manage it. My partner Nick is a designer, but not one to embrace change speedily. I would mention my desire every year or so, but it remained an unrequited lust.  Then one spring, he took the idea on board. ‘Make me a wish list’. Well I already had that. An outside kitchen, a pond with a fountain, a fire pit and a living roof. Once galvanised I knew I could just sit back and wait. He is man that takes ideas seriously. So now I have a roof on which to garden (yes, and a pond with a fountain).


I also have a small cottage garden which I have tinkered with for the last forty something years. I wish it was better, but we do have other things to accomplish in between bouts with spades.


The details of this garden are in my book ‘Gardening Notes from a Late Bloomer’, but sometimes things you haven’t included come to mind, and it’s nice to share, which is what gardener’s do.